Policintas, S.A. has specialized since 1984 in the production and marketing of rigid tapes and strips for multiple uses.

The efficiency of our production and the creativity of our designs make us a world-class exporting company.

About Us


We are a company focused on innovation and sustainability, offering high-quality products that are friendly to the environment.


To lead the textile ribbons and cords market by offering innovative, high-quality products.

Our products

Ribbons for Clothing

Tapes for the Manufacture of Medical Articles

Tapes for the Bed Industry

Security and Prevention

Straps for Briefcases and Shoes

Promotional and Decorative Ribbons

Ribbons Made with Recycled Yarns


We focus on supplying the national and international market with quality products for different types of industries.



In Policintas, S.A. We are committed to maintaining our strictest quality standards, which is why we submit to be certified based on scientific data and global laws of the textile industry. Trust and transparency are vital to us and our clients.

We integrate into sustainable sourcing programs, in environmental, social and governance (ESG) strategies. Guaranteeing safer products with the responsible use of chemical products for the protection of our workers and customers.

Our commitment is transparent sustainability!

Corporate social responsibility

Our company cares and is committed to social issues, helping our community. At the same time, we depend on and comply with the conditions of the legal framework and the environment. For us, therefore, it is important to contribute to social assistance by creating values ​​in various ways.

Within the framework of our social commitment, we focus on making strategic investments in the areas of education, health, social needs and community projects, as well as


We carry out a recycling process that allows waste, instead of being discarded, to be transformed into new materials that can be reused, reducing waste in municipal landfills and thus conserving our natural resources.

We generate a positive impact on our eco-system, using friendly raw materials for humans and the environment.

Recycling is not just a fashion, it is a Collective necessity!

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Colonia El Rosario Guatemala C.A.
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